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Our Philosophy

Our service level, reliability, and longevity set us apart. We have built long-standing relationships with our partners and customers thanks to our extensive product knowledge and customer service. We are selective about the manufacturers we represent and believe in what we sell. We will be there for you from start to finish.

Work With Our Dedicated Team

Try Before You Buy!

Visit our Minnesota Demo Kitchen and Showroom.

Our Demo Kitchen has some of our most innovative equipment, and we’ve filled our Showroom with furniture samples for any project. It’s the perfect one-stop shop for anyone designing a commercial kitchen, bar or dining room. Let one of our chefs cook for you. Or bring along your own ingredients to see how your signature dish cooks up in our equipment.

See Some of Our Work


Our kitchen equipment will help you maintain productivity without losing flavor. Plus our attractive display cases will streamline traffic flow and lead to increased student impulse buys.

Restaurants & Bars

Are you serving up the best breakfast in town at a local diner? A five-course meal at an elegant restaurant? Craft cocktails at a trendy bar? We can help you make an impression.


Efficiency that doesn’t compromise quality and nutrition is the most essential ingredient in a healthcare facility’s kitchen. We have the equipment to handle the quantity with ease.

Grocery & Convenience

We have equipment for bakeries, delis, grocery store eateries, convenience stores, and more. We make finding your equipment convenient!

Hollander Has a History of Excellence.

Hollander has been providing manufacturers and customers in the food service industry high-level customer service for 50 years. We maintain and enhance these relationships with honesty and integrity. We conduct our business in the highest ethical manner to bring credit to our industry and industry partners. We go the extra mile, so our customers can count on us.

Get to know us better.

Hollander is your source for the highest quality kitchen/bar equipment and dining room furniture.

Visit us in the Twin Cities and try out the equipment in our Demo Kitchen. Check out our Showroom to see the variety of furniture we offer.