Paris in the North Loop with Maison Margaux

Maison Margaux is the new concept from local chef David Fhima. The former Ribnik’s Furs building now houses a brasserie, event space and underground bar. Every section of the space is designed to perfection, evoking feelings of luxury and indulgence.

The furniture is no exception. In the brasserie area, the GAR Products’ Tamara chairs provide elegance and comfort to patrons there to sample classic French cuisine like ratatouille and frog legs Provençal as well as the extensive wine list. Checkerboard floors, large chandeliers and exposed brick walls further contribute to the Parisian feel. The underground bar showcases GAR Products’ Venus chairs and BGD custom booths, reinforcing the opulence and creating a speakeasy aesthetic.

We love seeing such a unique concept and vision come to life in such a spectacular way! If you have a furniture project and you don’t know where to start, we’d love to help. Contact us today!

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