Brew the Perfect Beer System With Krowne

Draft beer is one of the most profitable solutions a restaurant or bar can invest in. Krowne wants to help operators maximize this profitability with the MasterTap™ Draft Beer System.

MasterTap is a glycol-cooled system that moves beer from the walk-in cooler to the beer tower, keeping it at the perfect temperature for taste and quality. It is completely and easily customizable with the BeerFlex configurator on the Krowne website, complete with instant 3D renderings. There is even an ROI calculator where you can plug in your info like kegs per week and average keg cost to determine how soon you will see a profit after your MasterTap install. 

The MasterTap Panel Kits create the perfect blend of gas and keg product for optimal carbonation. Plus they are easy to repair and service if needed. Panel Kits also include “FOBS” or “Foam On Beer”. These FOBS alleviate foamy beer and help to prevent waste when the keg is nearly empty.

With the amazing local beer scene in Minnesota, we know that operators want to ensure their lovingly crafted beer is poured at its best. Krowne’s MasterTap system is essential to align with these high standards.

Contact us today to walk through the BeerFlex configurator and see how easy and profitable it is to implement this system in your location today!

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