Build Your Dream Bar with Krowne BarFlex Pro

Designing a bar can be intimidating and time consuming. There are so many different components – underbar, refrigeration, plumbing, beverage system. Not to mention the overall aesthetic – the countertop, the front panel finishes, etc. How will it fit in with the rest of the space? How can you make sure it’s intuitive for the bartenders and comfortable for the guests?

Krowne wanted to make this process easy (and dare we say – fun?). And the Krowne BarFlex configurator was launched. But they had to keep innovating and growing, so the latest addition to the configurator suite is BarFlex Pro.

BarFlex Pro is perfect for more complex designs. It includes the complete underbar line with fully configurable refrigeration in any color finish. It’s also instantly available to view in augmented reality, so you can see your bar design from any angle.

Plus since Krowne knows that a bar is just one component of a larger space, they’ve created FloorDesigner. This allows you to build not only your bar, but your entire space including wall color and dimensions, flooring, furniture and more.

Check out BarFlex Pro for yourself and contact us for a more in-depth training session, to ensure you’re taking advantage of every new feature.