Add More Scratch Cooking with Local Ingredients, thanks to TUCS Equipment!

Many school kitchens across the country are working to shift to more scratch cooking using fresh, local ingredients. TUCS Equipment can help make this a reality. They specialize in developing innovative solutions for the most difficult foodservice challenges. Their equipment will help increase efficiency as well as food safety, while maintaining consistent food quality.

When the Boulder Valley School District in Colorado created a new central Culinary Center, they incorporated TUCS equipment. They have been able to increase food quality and consistency, to ensure all the food for all the kids in the district is the best. They’ve also drastically reduced prep times, while utilizing scratch cooking. So even though quality has gone up, the preparation time has gone down. Check out this short video to learn more!

In Minnesota, St. Paul Schools have TUCS in their central kitchen, and have seen the same positive improvements as Boulder Valley. We would love to tell you more about TUCS – contact us today!

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