Forget about Cleaning with RATIONAL’s iCareSystem AutoDose!

Introducing iCareSystem AutoDose, the new cleaning system from RATIONAL designed to take cleaning off your to-do list! With this new option for iCombi Pro tabletop units, cleaner and care products are securely stored in the unit, enabling dozens of cleaning cycles to occur without users having to interact with the unit.

Thanks to iCareSystem AutoDose, kitchens will increase HACCP hygiene safety; save staff labor and time; prevent mistakes; and reduce plastic waste and storage needs. With this autonomous cleaning system, the iCombi Pro will always be clean and free of limescale, which ensures longevity of the unit and reduced service needs.

iCareSystem AutoDose will also keep users up to date by warning them if the amount of cleaning product falls below a certain level or if cleaning is due.

Check out this short video to see iCareSystem AutoDose in action!

Visit the AutoDose site to learn more and then contact us today!

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