We just wrapped our last Trifecta demo of the year, and it was the best yet! Such amazing food that was cooked and prepared thanks to the synergies between RATIONAL, IRINOX and Invacus technology.

Take the totchos, for example. (That’s “tater tot nachos”). These were cooked to crispy perfection in the RATIONAL iCombi. The cheese sauce that is poured on top was actually made 30 days ago in the RATIONAL iVario. Then it was cooled quickly, safely and efficiently in the IRINOX. Finally, it was sealed in the Invacus/Henkelman vacuum sealer. Invacus technology allows the cheese sauce to be sealed automatically at its peak evaporation point. This means you don’t have to babysit the equipment to make sure the bag is filled correctly without overflowing. And voila! Perfect totchos that were a breeze to whip up.

Now let’s talk about the salad. The lettuce for this salad was actually purchased 3 weeks ago. If that lettuce had just been in a fridge or a walk-in for 3 weeks, it would be wilted and slimy and inedible. But since this lettuce was preserved in an Invacus GreenVAC pan, it’s like we just bought it today.

The opportunities for these products are limitless. With RATIONAL, IRINOX and Invacus/Henkelman, we know that our customers can cook, chill and seal their way to a zero waste kitchen. They will help you save money, time and labor. Contact us and visit our Demo Kitchen to see how for yourself!

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