Make Patio Season Last Longer with BUM Outdoor!

Leaves are changing, temps are dropping, pumpkin spice is everywhere. Fall has arrived in Minnesota. But don’t pack up your patios and retreat indoors just yet! BUM Outdoor has many flame table and heater options to extend patio season as long as possible.

Flame tables don’t just generate heat; they create a cozy atmosphere and gathering place that will set your patio apart. BUM has a variety of styles and sizes to fit any aesthetic and space.

BUM also has tower heaters in a couple different styles to fit your needs. They even have a special promo on Crown Verity commercial heaters, selling for less than $500!

Best of all – BUM has most of these options in stock and ready to ship, so you can heat up your patio season and maximize our beautiful fall weather! Contact us to learn more today!

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