It’s the last week before summer break for many schools! If you’re planning for next year, consider Winston CVap ovens and holding cabinets. They are the perfect fit for busy school kitchens. We know that you often prep large quantities of food earlier in the day, so you’re ready for the lunchtime rush. To maintain just-cooked quality until the last child is served, Winston is essential to keep that food hot without drying out or getting soggy.

Plus it also documents HAACP compliance and can store up to two years of data. Downloading data is as easy as inserting a thumb drive. It’s HAACP without the hassle!

To make CVap even more appealing to schools, Winston offers the best extended warranty in the business. Their school warranty covers two years of labor and five years of parts. They can offer this because they know that their equipment is reliable and durable. In addition, Winston’s Trade-up and Save program rewards schools for ditching any brand of out-of-date, or broken oven or holding equipment with up to $1000 each on NEW CVap equipment (of the same application).

Winston can help with your school kitchen’s workflow. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out this video below with testimonials from other school foodservice professionals! And contact us for more information today!

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