Simplifying Bread with IRINOX

Adding house-made bread to your menu doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, labor-intensive process. With IRINOX, there are so many ways to simplify the bread-making process to save time and labor as well as reduce waste.

If you would like to cook a large batch of bread once a week, you can blast chill and shock freeze it right out of the oven. This maintains the bread’s structure and prevents dehydration. When regenerated, it will feel, smell and taste as if it was just baked for the first time.

You can also shock freeze unbaked bread dough in large batches that can be kept for several months. Take it out of the freezer and bake the desired quantity each day, streamlining the prep process and cutting down on waste. This process can be applied to many other bread products as well such as flat bread, pizza dough, croissants and more!

IRINOX can help any kitchen add freshly baked bread to the menu. It’s especially perfect for schools, senior living facilities, hospitals and other busy commissary kitchens. Visit our Demo Kitchen to see IRINOX in action – contact us today!

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