Create Connections with SuzyQ by Lakeside

Post-COVID, senior living foodservice directors are reporting that some residents are still hesitant to come to the dining room for meals. They have retreated into the comfort zone of their rooms, content to receive their meals on a tray while they watch TV. However, this isolation can easily lead to depression and poor quality of life. It’s important to encourage residents to engage with the rest of the community including the staff. The dining room is the perfect place to start.

The dining room of any senior living facility should be lively and fun, bringing everyone together. SuzyQ creator and RD Suzanne Quiring has some ideas to encourage a community-focused atmosphere in the dining room:

-Designate a resident/staff member to be a dining room greeter to welcome residents in

-Highlight a resident’s birthday with a special placemat and/or dishware

-Post a “Question of the Day” on a white board to encourage conversation

-Schedule monthly theme days with a special menu, music and decor

-Feature favorite recipes from residents

-Set up kitchen tours so residents can get to know the staff behind the walls

Of course, another great way to foster connections between staff and residents is a SuzyQ cart system. This cart was designed by Suzanne to remove the institutionalized, impersonal feel of standard tray service. The SuzyQ cart brings hot/cold choices directly to the residents’ tables, so they can make selections based on their cravings and preferences.

Not only does this improve quality of life, but it also can save the facility money! When residents make their own food choices based on what they want to eat, there is less waste than when a tray is delivered with a “take it or leave it” mindset.

We can help you determine if a SuzyQ cart system is right for your facility! Let us set up a webinar with Suzanne to discuss your unique challenges. Contact us today!

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